Access to Therapy Right Out of the Gate

Insurance delays should never prevent your patients from getting on therapy.
TECFIDERA offers leading coverage and programs to help get your patients off
to a quick start

Preferred Formulary Coverage1*

  • TECFIDERA has preferred formulary coverage by many of the country’s top providers, with no step-therapy restrictions
  • TECFIDERA is covered as a first-line relapsing MS therapy (unrestricted access) for 87% of commercial patients as of March 2019

QuickStart Program

  • The QuickStart Program helps patients start on treatment within 5 days of the Start Form being received
  • Up to a 4-month supply of doses will be provided while insurance or another source of funding is confirmed
  • To get your patients enrolled in the QuickStart Program, please see the QuickStart Program section of the TECFIDERA Start Form and check the QuickStart box

Sample Program

  • Using the TECFIDERA Sample Program can get your patients started on TECFIDERA the same day you prescribe it
  • The program lets you stock limited quantities of 7-day samples of TECFIDERA 120 mg
  • Order 120 mg samples

TecTrack™ App

  • This app helps patients remember to take their medication and is available for download on the App Store or Google Play

*Coverage may vary, and there is no guarantee of coverage.