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Tecfidera hosrse banner

TECFIDERA Sample Program

120 mg samples to help your patients efficiently start therapy

The TECFIDERA Sample Program lets you stock limited quantities of 7-day samples of 120 mg TECFIDERA. Ordering samples is easy and can help:

  • Start your patients on therapy the same day that you prescribe it
  • Provide temporary dose reductions for patients who do not tolerate the maintenance dose,* with 7-day doses of 120 mg TECFIDERA

*Within 4 weeks, the recommended dose of 240 mg twice a day should be resumed. Discontinuation of TECFIDERA should be considered for patients unable to tolerate return to the maintenance dose.1

QuickStart Program

Provides a 14-day supply for qualifying patients awaiting access to treatment

  • This program helps get commercially insured patients (non-Medicare/Medicaid) on therapy while waiting for insurance coverage. If, after 2 weeks, an eligible patient has not received TECFIDERA, a free, 14-day QuickStart supply may be provided to help them get started
  • Additional QuickStart shipments will be provided until a coverage decision has been made or until the patient is enrolled in a patient assistance program

To get your patients enrolled in the QuickStart Program, please see the QuickStart Program section of the TECFIDERA Start Form and check the QuickStart box.


Subject to program terms and conditions.

Reference: 1. TECFIDERA Prescribing Information, Biogen, Cambridge, MA.